Beverages are included with meal:


Decaf Coffee


Iced Tea

​Hot Tea



New!!! Sparkling Water

$1.50 extra

Lunch is served Monday- Friday: 11 am - 2 pm.
The office is open from 9 am until 6 pm. Come in anytime for more information.
Phone in your dinner order by 4 pm and pickup by 6 pm on your way home.
4336 George Washington Memorial Highway, Yorktown VA 23692         (757) 988-0900

Children's Menu 

Served with Vegetable Sticks and Fruit

Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce (V)


 Macaroni & Cheese


Sesame (Tahini)
​Butter or Sun butter with

Apple Butter, Grape Jelly, or Strawberry Jam

Served on Bread or Cracker


Cheese Pizza


Pepperoni Pizza 


Chicken Tenders



Beverages are included with the meal: 



Apple Juice



September 25 - October 6, 2017

All dishes are served with an appetizer and a fruit salad typical of this country's cuisine!

Appetizer: Falafel, delicious chickpeas and fava beans ball lightly fried

Bukharan Tomato Gazpacho

A tomato base soup with garlic and fresh cilantro served with Damascene salad


Entrées: served with appetizer, fruit salad, and two sides

Stuffed Burekas (V)

Puff pastries filled with celery, fennel and potato


Chicken Breast with Artichokes

Chicken breast cooked in spicy mustard sauce and artichokes


Lechem Ba'ajin

Doughy pastries stuffed with ground turkey, beef and spices



Ful (V)

Tabbouleh (V)


Root Vegetables with Labneh